First Congregational Church of Webster Groves is a progressive Christian church. We are a community bound together in a common covenant: “to seek to know the will of God, to experience the joy and struggle of discipleship, and to work for peace and justice among all people.” 

First Church is a safe place to be yourself and to expand your heart and mind. We celebrate our great diversity as people – our many colors, abilities, identities, ages, orientations, backgrounds, perspectives, and beliefs.
 And we welcome all to share in the ministry, fellowship, responsibilities, and blessings of our congregation.

There aren’t many places in our world where that happens anymore, and we definitely don’t do it perfectly here. We have our differences, but Christ calls us to love one another just as God loves us, even those we may be tempted to consider unlovable.

We are a faith community determined to treasure everyone and the earth we share, and to be transformed by our service on behalf of others.


Seek Christ in each. Serve God in all.

Seeking Christ in Each

Every human being is a child of God. We take seriously the understanding that Christians should be able to differ in matters of belief or practice and still worship and live harmoniously.

Serving God in All

All people deserve the nurture and support of God’s abundant grace and eternal love. We recognize this grace and love through the life and witness of Jesus Christ and the ongoing activity of the Holy Spirit.

Open and Affirming

We are an Open and Affirming church of the United Church of Christ. Open and Affirming (ONA) is the United Church of Christ’s (UCC) designation for congregations, campus ministries, and other bodies in the UCC which make a public covenant of welcome into their full life and ministry to persons of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.

Mission and Vision Statements

OUR VISION is to be a dynamic Christian community expressing God’s love, hope, joy, and peace for all people.

OUR MISSION is to provide:

  • Worship that praises God, shows commitment to the teachings of Jesus, and celebrates the Holy Spirit in ways that express the diversity of our experiences and encourage spiritual growth and commitment.
  • Educational activities that promote faith and intellectual growth for children and for adults.
  • Advocacy and care for those in need in our community and throughout the world.
  • Community that seeks justice, loves kindness, and walks humbly.
  • Hope, love, and encouragement to all who seek our support.
  • Grace and forgiveness for ourselves and all who seek the ministries we share in worship, music, and fellowship with others on life’s journey.



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