Youth programming at First Congregational Church is designed with faith, friendship and fun in mind.

Middle and High School

On Sunday mornings our youth sit in on Sacred Circle Time with the younger kids before they depart for a youth-specific activity. Sometimes the Sacred Circle Time serves as a jumping off place for us to talk to teens about the perplexity stage of faith that often hits in adolescence: What’s all this about anyway? I don’t receive this Bible story the same way I did when I was a little kid. These discussions are a safe place for our students to wrestle with a more nuanced faith.

Sometimes an engaging discussion takes up all our time. Other times it’s short and sweet and we build relationships through shared activities like cooking, painting, games, or service projects.


Confirmation classes are offered every other year using the curriculum Confirm Not Conform. “CnC” celebrates questions and empowers students to make authentic choices.

Participants discuss in depth with the Pastor and others what it means to be Christian, so that they may determine whether or not they want to join the Church. Field trips to houses of worship from other faith traditions and an overnight lock-in enrich this time of spiritual journey and reflection.

Confirmation students tend to be in 7th and 8th Grade, but we welcome all students through 12th Grade. Our next Confirmation class will be forming in the fall of 2023. Please contact Pastor Dave Denoon if you would like to be part of it!