Children are not vessels for us to fill up. They are already spiritual beings who have a great deal to teach us, perhaps more than we have to teach them. Therefore we favor a bottom-up model of spiritual formation over a top-down model of education. We want to know what our children think God is, what God says to them, how they experience or imagine God. To accomplish this, we use Rev. Dr. Leanne Hadley’s approach, “Sacred Circle Time.” It emphasizes wonder and play and includes a Bible story. It also introduces the Christian Trinity, prayer, and ends with a simple blessing for each child.

Sacred Circle Time takes less than ten minutes. After that, it’s time for the most important work of childhood: play! Sometimes we do collaborative art projects, or swing at a piñata, or have a silly string fight in the parking lot. All children 5th grade and younger are invited to participate in Kids’ Church — and toddlers are not too young for Sacred Circle Time! We also offer traditional nursery care for infants.

We know that Kids’ Church will be a special time that your kids will look forward to every week!