Journey through Creation
Earth, Art, and Faith… Alive!

Three webinars and three worship services coinciding with the changing seasons.

Earth’s Story as Our Story
Celebrating the Autumnal Equinox

Exploring the blessings and wonder of God’s Creation
Our first webinar aired on Saturday, September 26.
Click here to view the webinar and worship services

Vernal Equinox
Discovering our role as co-creators with the Creator
Webinar to air on March 20, 2021

May Day
Pursuing ecological justice for the earth and its inhabitants

Summer Solstice – Earthwalk

The theme of these webinars and worship services focuses on enlivening our church’s worship through the arts and environmental awareness by rediscovering the wonder, joy and commitment of being stewards of God’s creation.

Our year-long biblical study throughout the year will focus on Psalm 8, proclaiming the bounty and blessing of God’s world, and Jesus’ words in Mark 2: 21-22 declaring that if we are to fully receive the new wine of the Spirit we must create new wineskins in which to receive it.

Our first webinar and worship services have been a resounding success. We move now from exploring earth’s story as our story to discovering the ways in which we can live as co-creators with our Creator God, to restore ecological health to our planet. We originally planned this webinar for the winter solstice, but with the increasing scope of the pandemic we have moved our schedule back a few months. Artist Tia Richardson and environmentalist Dr. Mick Smyer will join our host, Rev. Jan Barnes in a creative webinar to inform and inspire.

Join us as we continue on a creative journey as we explore the blessings of this world
given to us in trust by our Creator.

Wild blessings!


Our guest presenters for our first webinar:

Tia Richardson is a full-time community mural artist based in her hometown of Milwaukee, WI. In 2003 she graduated with an associate degree in Graphic Design from Milwaukee Area Technical College. Since 2007 her work has evolved into mural projects that offer community members from all walks the chance to freely express their diverse feelings and perspectives. Documentation of her focus on trying to create a sense of unity through art shows evidence how, despite our differences, we can work together for the common good. Tia has completed over 50 murals in partnership with non-profits, K-12 and post-secondary schools, businesses and local government. She was recognized as Artist of the Year by the Milwaukee Arts Board in 2018, and in 2020 produced a short film about one of her projects called ‘Rockford Taking Flight’. Visit to learn more about Tia and her community art practice.


Dr. Michael “Mick” Smyer is the founder and CEO of Growing Greener: Climate Action for an Aging World. Mick taps expertise in gerontology, communication strategies, and human-centered design to move people from anxiety to action to habit on climate change. He uses psychology and behavioral economics to help participants replace their habit of climate avoidance with a specific action, their next step on their own climate journey.

Mick is the former Provost and an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Bucknell University. A national expert, Smyer has written and lectured extensively on aging.

Dr. Smyer holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Yale University and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Duke University. A native of New Orleans, Mick provides vocals and “nuanced” washboard with the Rustical Quality String Band, including on their most recent CD, Rescued from Oblivion.


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This program is made possible through a Vital Worship Grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship,
Grand Rapids, Michigan, with funds provided by Lilly Endowment Inc.