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Reflecting & Sharing: Lives Amidst Pandemic

This is the first edition of our weekly Reflecting & Sharing: Lives Amidst Pandemic.

Posted here are several early pieces shared by our members and friends. If you would like to share as well, please email them to Joan. This unique experience has a beginning, a middle and will have an end, so you may wish to share accordingly. Share your thoughts, feelings, activities and new learning. And, humor is always good.

I am keeping a Gratitude Journal. The mandate originally came from Shawn Achor’s book, The Gratitude Advantage. He suggests writing three things every day, at the same time of day. I have been doing this, and I am amazed at the little things that I find myself aware of being grateful for. Here are a few of them: April-Fooling several people here, honey mustard, Ken’s new fleece jacket, violin serenades from a new resident, joy on seeing something especially clean.

Two years ago I basically gave up cooking when we moved into this senior living complex. But NOW—I am relearning. And I am innovating, with some rather pleasing results, especially in salads. Ken Perry has found a new calling as “food critique.”

I have an ongoing conversation with several nieces on email about the difference in meaning when using “and” and “but.” This is especially when evaluating, and the sequence of the two parts really matters. An example: “I loved that book but it was very long.” “That book was long, but I really loved it.”

I am reviving and adapting some of the material that I created during my teaching years in China, such as games having to do with the English language.  I am sharing them with the residents here every few days: Know the People in Your Neighborhood (matching names with brief descriptions), Similes Using Animal Names, States in the USA, Where are My vowels?  Others games that I share come from Bob McCoy’s treasure trove of quizzes for Monday Morning Men: What is the Second Line of These Songs? Old Sayings, Double or Nothing, Find the Books in the Bible hidden in a Paragraph. It is amazing how a lifetime of experiences can bring pleasure in unusual times.
Garie P.

Linda and I returned from a trip to Israel, Egypt and Jordan on March 13. I immediately got sick and Linda followed. I was tested and had the coronavirus. Linda’s test was inconclusive. So I was sick for two weeks and spent a third regaining strength. Happily, good weather has now allowed us to work in the yard and take walks. I’ve been reading and we search Netflicks and other services for movies. I’m learning more about Zooming and Skyping with grandkids. So here I am on 4/14!!!!  What a life!!  
Tom and Linda W.

First, I have a long prayer list, for both those who needed prayer prior to the pandemic and now those affected both medically and financially. Second, I have increased my walks, bike excursions and hikes. I am enjoying yard work, and beginning vegetable and herb gardening as well. Third, have occupied my time with phone calls and Face Time with friends and family, and sewing for Charity. I am on my 7th jigsaw puzzle! Our kids will appreciate that I am also de-cluttering.

Take care, everyone! Can’t wait to see our church family again.
Laura C.

I’m talking long walks, almost daily, around Kirkwood.  The trees are beautiful; the flowers are beautiful; the walks are good for my cardio-vascular system and a blow to my self esteem!  Everyone crosses to the opposite side of the street when they see me approaching!!
Joan M.