Quilt Auction!

Saturday, February 17, 2024
Doors open at noon. The auction will begin at 1:00 PM
First Congregational Church of Webster Groves
10 West Lockwood Ave., Webster Groves MO 63119

  • Fourteen antique and vintage quilts will be auctioned, and the proceeds will benefit local charities.
  • A certified quilt appraiser has authenticated their provenance and quality.
  • Each lovingly cared for quilt is hand pieced, hand quilted and in excellent condition.
  • The quilts were donated by a long-time member and quilt collector. Click here to learn more!

#1 Nine Patch Grace
Pieced early 1900s, quilted 1999-2000

This cotton quilt has seven-inch blocks of mostly reds, blues, grays, and blacks set 6 across and 8 down with 2 ½ inch sashing of various colors set in streak-of-lightning pattern with the same gray print at intersections, 2 ½ inch dark red print border, 2 inch border of individual squares from nine-patch blocks, 6 inch outer border of medium blue print which is also used for the backing. This quilt measures 72″ x 90″

#2 Nine Patch Grace
Pieced early 1900s, quilted 1999

This cotton quilt has seven-inch blocks of mostly blue and gray checks, stripes, and plaids (6 blocks across, 7 down), 2 ½ inch navy sashing with squares from the nine-patch blocks at intersections, 2½ inch border, outer border 7-inch navy with one nine-patch having some red in each of the four comers; pale blue backing. This quilt measures 74″ x 84″

#3 Rose of Sharon or Kentucky Rose
1930s or 1940s – quilted in early 1980s

Appliquéd rose and green quilt on white background with three-inch border of rose print fabric. This quilt measures 80″ x 85.”

 #4 Flower Appliqué – 1920s-1930s
Quilted ca 1970s

On blocks 11 x 13, multiprint lavender petals with yellow center and green stem appliquéd on white, set with green·sashing, darkest green at intersections, two-inch white border, two-inch outer border in green, pale green backing. This cotton quilt measures 78″ x 86″ (cotton/polyester backing?)

#5 Rockhold Quilt: “Hen and Chickens”
or variation of Victory Boat – ca. 1886 1980s

Rose and green geometric 9 inch blocks with inner rose border, outside white border bound in white 70” x 82” cotton backing (probably flour/sugar sacks. Some staining)

#6 Four-Patch Variation “Big Dipper”
Pieced early 1900s, quilted 2003

7 1/4 inch blocks, each of the four squares composed of four triangles in shades of blue, gray, and white. Blocks are set diagonally with two-inch sashing in rose and dark blue, four blocks across and seven down.  Backing has a large center rectangle of the rose fabric with wide borders of the dark blue. This cotton quilt measures 81″ x  87″

#7 Star-of-LeMoyne
Pieced between 1970-1995; quilted 1997

Each ray of eight-point star divided longitudinally using one brown print and one brown-and-white check, white background, sashing of the print 79” x 92” cotton and cotton/polyester?


#8 Flower Garden
ca. 1930s

Green and white with multicolored print  hexagons, measuring 7 ½” with yellow centers, ringed by print row, then solid color row, then white, with small green diamonds for borders between blocks; outer binding white. This twin sized cotton quilt measures 63″ x 89″

#9 & #10  Flower Garden
(Two double bed sized quilts) –
Early 1930s

Green, white, and multicolored prints of 9 ½ x 6 ½ cotton hexagons with yellow centers, ringed by solid color, then print, then white, outer binding green. These quilts measure 77″ x 83″


#11 Double Irish Chain
1930s – 1940s

Pink and white solids bordered in raspberry pink. This cotton quilt measures  70 ½”  x  78″

#12 Boston Commons

Five panels, eight-inches wide with multi-color prints and bright blue squares as outer pieces all around, seven-inch white panels in between, 3/4 inch blue border. This cotton quilt measures 72” x 82”


#13 Dresden Plate
Pieced 1920s-1930s, quilted 1997

Yellow-orange predominant color (centers of plate, border strip, binding) with multicolor rays, border of rays on all four sides; background white.  This cotton and cotton/polyester (?) quilt measures 73” x 89”

#14 Dresden Plate
1930s – 1940s?

Large yellow center circle with multicolored rays with pointed tips on lavender background, lavender print backing.
This cotton quilt measures 70″  x 82″


Vintage and antique quilts will be auctioned with proceeds going to local charities. These quilts have been in the possession of Marj Courtney, a long-time member of First Congregational Church.

A quilt appraiser has authenticated their provenance and quality, noting that a couple of them are “museum quality”.

It’s amazing to see beautiful quilts from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s & 1950s that are lovingly cared for and ready for new homes. The story of the quilts began when Marjorie Courtney became the caretaker of her family’s precious heirlooms.

When Marj passed away in 2023 at the age of 96, she stipulated that the quilts go to First Congregational Church of Webster Groves where she had been a member for several years. Marj’s daughter Gale says “My mother’s dedication to quilting was a combination of her strong commitment to preserving her family’s legacy and her personal love of sewing. She was proud to take ownership of the quilts, partial-completed quilts, and quilt pieces. She spent decades finishing the quilts.” She also said that her mother recognized many of the pieces from her own childhood. “My mother was very concerned about what would happen to the quilts when she died.  As she was very devoted to her church, I think she would be very pleased to know that they will go to owners that cherish them and the church will benefit”.

In keeping with Marj’s spirit, it was decided that the best use of the quilts would be to auction them off with the proceeds going to local charities.  Church members who know Marj by her quiet nature and kindness to all believe that she would be thrilled to know that these quilts will benefit others.

Each year, the Benevolence Committee of First Congregational Church raised funds to be distributed to local charities. 

Through its Benevolence Committee, over $33,000 is distributed each year to organizations benefiting women and children’s groups as well as providing food to the surrounding area. This auction will enhance giving to these organizations.