Worship Reflection, FAITH: Continuing the Search, Social Issues Class, Lenten Study Series, special holiday and benevolence events, and more, fall under the rubric of the Christian Education Ministry.


Worship Reflection

Many Sunday mornings at 11:20 am, Pastor Dave Denoon hosts a discussion with church members and other worshipers about the sermon and the worship service itself.


FAITH: Continuing the Search

Our Wednesday morning series, FAITH: Continuing the Search, is designed for people who may not be comfortable with the label “Christian” for themselves or else who may not consider themselves to be “traditional” Christians. FAITH: Continuing the Search leaders seek to create a comfortable and safe environment where discussion is encouraged, minds are broadened, and hearts are warmed. Participants watch a video featuring one of several individuals popularly associated with progressive Christian thought and then discuss their thoughts and feelings about the speakers’ messages. Each session begins promptly at 10:15 am in the Holaday Memorial Library (first floor, at the west end of the Narthex).


Social Issues Class

Over the past couple of decades, it has been a disappointment to us that social discourse has often become polarized. As a congregation made up of people who represent a healthy variety of perspectives and cultural backgrounds, First Church endeavors to assure that all opinions are honored and persons respected. On many Sundays throughout the year, our Social Issues Class puts that intention into action, as we invite speakers who are informed about the issues or other matters they represent, and then encourage discussion about their topic. Our purpose in discussion is not to change the mind of someone who differs from you, or even to dare someone else to change your mind, but – by looking at an issue in the light of Christ – to come to a greater understanding of others. If you’re willing, you might even find yourself transformed and broadened in perspective and attitude. Social Issues Class is a forum for people, teenage through adult. Child care is provided.

Lenten Series

On Wednesdays leading up to Easter, we gather for soup and bread suppers (6 p.m.) followed by lecture/discussion about Christian faith and practice or portions of the Bible. Classes are provided for adults and children both, ending by 8 p.m. Watch our calendar in the late winter or early springtime for announcements of subject matter and dates.

For more information regarding Christian Education, please call 314-962-0475 and ask to speak to Tracey (ext. 12).