Religious development and spiritual growth are important, no matter your age. Classes are offered for children, youth, and adults. Our subject matter is biblically based and provides students with a powerful sense of God’s faithfulness, grace, and love as they arise for us in daily life.

Biblically based, yes, but that does not at all mean we will deny the perspectives of science or social justice. For a century and a half, First Church has been a major voice locally for a progressive understanding of the Word of God, the Bible, as an instrument for faith-building composed by human beings but reflecting the Holy Spirit. Expect a fresh reading and socially responsible consideration of the Word of God when you study with us!

Sunday School, Adult Education, Lenten Study Series,  Confirmation, special holiday and benevolence events, and more, fall under the rubric of the Christian Education Ministry.

Read more about our educational opportunities below.

Programming and Education at First Congregation Church

Virtual Sunday School for Young Children comes online!
During the coronavirus pandemic, we have begun to offer online alternatives for families. Please continue to our Sunday School page (link), to find out about video offerings we share with other churches. If you would like to talk with someone about our Virtual Sunday School, please contact the Pastor Dave Denoon – DDenoon at FirstChurchWG dot org.

Youth programming at First Congregational Church is designed with faith, friendship and fun in mind.

Middle and High School

The Youth Sunday School Class will has a new curriculum called “Caffeine.” This exciting new youth curriculum is an energizing youth resource that’s inspiring and fun! “Caffeine” engages youth with imaginative retelling of Bible stories they can relate to. Utilizing this exciting new curriculum, we will address the topics of Cash, Christ and Confusion by uncovering deeper meanings in some Bible stories that will help our youth with making decisions.


Confirmation classes meet three times per month, October through June, every other program year. Program year 2020-2021 will include a Confirmation Class.

Participants discuss in depth with the Pastor and Youth leader what it means to be Christian, so that the young people may form their decision about joining the Church. Field trips to local houses of worship of other faith traditions and weekend retreats deepen and enrich this time of spiritual journey and reflection.

Most of our Confirmation students are in 7th and 8th Grade, but classes are open to all students through 12th Grade. Our next Confirmation class will be forming in the fall of 2020.

For more information please contact the Pastor – DDenoon at FirstChurchWG dot org.

Worship Reflections, Practicing Our Faith, Lenten Study Series, special holiday and benevolence events, and more, fall under the rubric of the Christian Education Ministry.


Worship Reflection

When we are in person, on many Sunday mornings at 11:20 am, Pastor Dave Denoon hosts a discussion with church members and other worshipers about the sermon and the worship service itself.

Practicing Our Faith

Practicing Our Faith is a monthly gathering of women seeking to walk more closely with God by studying and discussing faith practices, such as Sabbath observance, stewardship, meditation, and prayer. They usually meet on the second Tuesdays.

Adult Education Opportunities

 The Christian Education Ministry offers regular Adult Ed opportunities on Sundays after worship. The topics include Environmental issues, talks from Alzheimer experts, Native Gardening, Charitable Giving, and Organ Donation, and Transgender issues.


Lenten Series

On Wednesdays leading up to Easter, we gather for soup and bread suppers (6:00 pm) followed by lecture/discussion about Christian faith and practice or portions of the Bible. Enrichment experiences are provided for adults and children both, ending by 8:00 pm. Watch our calendar in the late winter or early springtime for announcements of subject matter and dates.