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Lenten Sermon Series 2016 – What Christians Have to Say

Winter Series 2016 – The Church on a Mission

Easter (Season) Series 2015 – The Covenant of 1976

Back-to-School Series 2015 – Considering the Word


January 31, 2016 – JUBILEE WORSHIP


Rally Day – September 13, 2015 – The Home Front, 1943

For Rally Day 2015 (the first day of the 2015-16 program year), Pastor Dave Denoon told the story of the effort of the First Church in Webster Groves to be of support to a Japanese-American family who had been interned in a WWII relocation camp at Topaz, Utah. An exhibit had been offered, September 12, along with a lecture about Chiura Obata, who came to the US in the first decade of the 20th Century but who was interned as an “enemy combatant” during the Second World War. The exhibit included works of Chiura Obata accompanied by floral arrangements in the Ikebana style of Chiura’s wife Haruko.